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Re: HD Remasters of 'Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2'Coming to the

There are parts of FF8's story that are definitely convoluted, but what holds it together for me is the central love story, which is also one of the primary reasons why I love FF10 as much as I do (since it's very much like FF8 in that a love story makes up the central core of its narrative).

While we're on the subject of FF8 for a moment, I would love for that game to get an HD remake or remaster on the PS3 before studios stop producing content for the system, but it's probably a pipe dream and not very likely.

Getting back to discussion of the Ten series, the games really did give us one of the best casts in the franchise, and it's going to be extremely fun to either re-experience or experience them for the first time in HD.
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