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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

First of all my apologies to everyone else who reads this but I simply have to say something to mic of orion.

mic of orion wrote: View Post
Have a big dilemma
Why should we care?

mic of orion wrote:
PS, Anyways, I'll continue to play Star Trek Online, but my contribution to this thread and this section of the forum has come to an end. I am Star Trek fan thus ill post on other forum sections when I feel like contributing, but from this moment on I' shall desist from posting here. If I could I'd delete all my posts here.
This is what you posted a few months ago after a couple of us including Timelord, Scout101 and syberghost tried giving you good advice in dealing with bad players on pug STFs rather than simply ragequitting and abandoning the remaining players.

Since then, you've gone back on your word by posting recruitment ads for your fleet and boasting in general about how your fleet is better than our TrekBBS fleet.

Now you claim you have a bunch of people in your fleet who looks up to you as the true leader. And yet, you want to leave the fleet because, in your very own words "My toon is set and really not sure I need anything".

Ragequitting an STF only affects 4 other players. Quitting on a fleet who looks up to you as the true leader affects at least a hundred other players. Not only that, from all you have said in your post it is clear what you really want to do right now is find a better fleet that has already reached tier 5 so you can get the uber items you want from their fleet store. Really? Is a bunch of virtual and thus ultimately worthless in-game items worth more than all the friends you have made in the fleet?

All I can say is you sir, are an irresponsible, antisocial, self-centered person. I am sorry for all the people in your fleet who looked up to you as a true leader and wished they know what you have posted here.
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