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Memory Alpha is contributed to, edited and info deleted by fans. It's as reliable as Wikipedia, Memory Beta and IMDb. Great, useful resources but... let the reader beware.
Indeed. I disagree with some of their policies - like including information from scripts as gospel, even if the scripts are early versions with notable differences from the finished product. For example, Spock's ship from the last Star Trek movie is listed as being armed with missiles, when the weapons seen were yellow phaser bolts. The script they got that info from differs in several key ways from what was filmed, most notably that Spock went back in time deliberately to rewrite history and save Romulus. That obviously isn't included. At most, infomation from scripts should go into the background sections, and not the main article.

And FWIW, the novelverse gives Arex a different backstory to the old Lincoln Enterprises bio.
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