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Re: My Review of Insurrection

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How the movie's reputation managed to go from that to being "one of the worst movies in the entire franchise" is something of a mystery.
It wasn't 'epic', therefore it ends up on the crap list. Just 'good' is good enough no more it seems.
Lack of being 'epic' had nothing to do with why I dislike the movie. I've always said the tag line for the film should be "Yuppies battle eminent domain!"

Picard's "smug" factor is set on thirteen on a scale of one to ten. We have him using women and children as human shields. The pretty white people are the downtrodden and those who aren't so pretty are "evil" including Dougherty.

From my perspective, Insurrection is the most shallow entry of the movie series and makes "message" episodes like "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" look subtle in comparison. YMMV.
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