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Re: Can American Bandstand make a return?

As I said, syndication is dead, and unless most stations can be persuaded to part with their paid programming on weekdays and Saturday afternoons, it will have to be a network that airs American Bandstand, or a specialty channel.

But the same problem also exists on specialty channels as well; both MTV/VH1 and Much/Much More haven't shown anything but reality TV and reruns for the past nine years, and are loath to show anything with music on it. Of course, considering how pop-music orientated both channels are, a new American Bandstand would be right up their alley, especially if all that will air on it would be pop and nothing else (it would be nice to see the bands mentioned by the OP and myself be on said show, but considering what happened when Arcade Fire and Bon Iver performed and then won on the Grammys, provoking both sets of famous responses [Who the Fuck is Arcade Fire? and Who the fuck is Bon Iver?] and also that American Bandstand's about dancing anyway ['Nice beat, and you can dance to it'] I think that pop, dance, and some rock would be the bill of fare on a new version of American Bandstand.)

The other big question should be, 'Can The Midnight Special make a comeback?'

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