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Re: Is Rod Roddenberry kind of a douche?

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I watched his documentary he made, and one thing struck me was that Majel basically had nothing to say to him. He admitted to being a spoiled punk and didn't get along with his father and now 2 decades later has decided to cash in his father's creation.
Like others I could only make it halfway through his documentary. The cynic in me does feel he is trying to find a niche or foothold in the world of "Star Trek" (it is kinda the family business). But I also think there was some real effort to try and get to know his father and his legacy - he was only 17 when his dad passed, and, in time, discovered just how much he had taken for granted.

The bit with Majel Barrett was odd and uncomfortable to watch. She actually struck me as having been crying and I shared her questioning of what exactly Rod was looking to discover. Part of that I feel is that GR's image and mythology had been cultivated and protected for years and that Majel worried Rod would or could undo all that.

In the end, I tend to give Rod Roddenberry the benefit of the doubt. His professed ignorance of Star Trek and lack of any intimate knowledge or insight to the Trek-verse, however, also means that I feel he has no real standing in it.
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