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Re: What if the PTB had been paying attention?

I wonder if People got some note from a trekkie in the People pantheon telling them to make sure they put a Trek person in their list and so they did a quick scan looking for who they could use. Who else would they have picked?

Paris: Not a good looking man at all, just kind of joe average. Pleasant. Not a rogue despite the character description.

The EMH: Bald.


B'Elanna: Uhh...well she doesn't have Klingon teeth but this still isn't flying in People Land.

Neelix: N/A

Chakotay: I concede this might have been an option. But kind of fat.

Tuvok: If you want to be beautiful AND unsmiling you need to be evil. Pass.

Kes: A child.

Harry Kim was the only option. Mr Trekkie People Boss is to blame.

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