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Medical Update

It's been a while again since my previous one, I think at least a year or so and a lot of progress has been made. I have been in physio for the last several months finally realigning myself. I am pretty much almost 100 percent realigned ( for those who don't know or who have forgotten my pelvis has been severely misaligned due to problems with my club foot).

I'm doing exercises again, which is really why I went back to physio in the first place, which have helped a tremendous amount for relief. I'll probably be going back swimming (I used to swim a lot) sometime next month as well, and possible participate in an aqua fit program.

My foot has been doing really well, except for a big scare I got last fall which turned out to be nothing more than stress, and pushing myself physically too much so I've slowed down since then and things have been fine. Also slowly losing weight as well. I will always be in some kind of pain...but as far as major pain things seem to be progressing in a positive manner. I have felt the best I have in a very long time. So things are finally changing it would seem!
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