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Re: Georgia toddler mauled to death by family's pack of dogs

This sad case of the death of a toddler comes soon after the mauling to death of a British teenager.

Jade Lomas-Anderson 'was really lovely,' a friend said. Lomas-Anderson was mauled to death by dogs, cops believe.
A 14-year-old British schoolgirl was mauled to death by five dogs afer she walked into a room eating a meat pie, authorities and friends believe.

Jade Lomas-Anderson was alone in her friend's house in the town of Atherton in Greater Manchester on Tuesday afternoon when she was apparently attacked by two bull mastiffs, two Staffordshire bull terriers and one other unidentied dog.

The dogs belonged to dog lover Beverley Concannon, the mother of Jade's friend. "Can't believe that my mum's dogs have killed a 15-year-old," her son posted on Facebook, according to the Telegraph.
ďThe dogs were really scary," a friend of Jade told the Sun. "But Jade knew these animals so I donít know why they all went for her. Presumably they must have smelled blood after the first dog attacked. Itís such a tragedy. She was a lovely girl.Ē

and one of the worse aspect of the case?

Concannon worked as a breeder and featured many different dogs on her Facebook page. She described her favorite mastiff as being so aggressive that it had to be castrated. And, she said on the Facebook page, the mastiff didn't like children.
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