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Re: HD Remasters of 'Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2'Coming to the

^ Hmm. Despite never having had an opportunity to play the game, what I've heard, read, and seen of the story actually makes it sound rather awesome. Then again, I count Final Fantasy VIII - which remains one of the few FF games to be a * love story * first and foremost above anythign else - as one of my Top 5 favorite games in the franchise, so it stands to reason that I'd be more keen on the game's storyline than others might given that it's basically set in motion because of the love story between Tidus and Yuna as centrally established in the first game.

What I've heard, read, and seen of Paine actually makes her sound like a really interesting character, and as for Yuna and Rikku, I actually think that the changes they undergo actually make sense, particularly given what happens in the first game and the ways that Spira has evolved and changed since those events, insofar as I understand said changes based on what I've read, seen, and heard concerning the game.
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