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The only thing that seems a bit strange about this is that it seems a little random.
I can see a certain logic to it. As already suggested, they can use the actors playing Hartnell and Troughton in Adventures in Time and Space to play their respective Doctors. And with McGann and Tenant you won't have the age issues. Tennant hasn't aged that much since 2009 and we never saw the Eighth Doctor when he regenerated so you don't have to pretend he's not as old as he clearly is.

I'm assuming that while time differential worked fine as a hand wave to explain Davison being older in Time Crash's ten minutes, it mignt be seen as too much of a stretch explaining four Doctors for an hour.
There's any number of sci-fi, handwave explanations as to why they're visibly older.

I'll say it again; if we get only two out of the seven surviving Doctors (or six almost-certainly-would-appear-if-asked Doctors) and an equal amount of Richard Hudnalling, it's an incredibly disappointing line-up. I'd take Bradley and Shearsmith as the First/Second Docs if they were in addition to the genuine articles, but if Tom/Peter/Colin/Sylvester don't appear and they do... *shakes head* What an absolute joke.

That's all taking for granted, of course, that this is true. The source this came from has been very, very flaky in the past and in particular, has been trying to push "OMG HINT, PAUL MCGANN IS COMING BACK " since 2009, so to say the very least, I'm skeptical. But if it is true, Rassilon help us all.
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