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Tempeh is great but I never cook with it because it is stupid expensive here and I'm not one to want meat replacements as far as feel and texture. I eat tempeh at hippy cafes sometimes, had some nice wraps with it.
We have Whole Foods in the USA, I bought it it for 50 cents off a pack. But the packs are half a pound, 8 ounces, and normally cost $3.

A friend made a great meal with it, that I copy. It's onions and garlic (and whatever other veggies you want, snap peas are good), tempeh and nuts mixture roasted to a nice crunch, then shredded potatoes, rinsed well, dried off then roasted to the point you couldn't tell it's a potato.

You cook up some noodles, I like Udon (Spelling?), add soy sauce, then mix in the veggie mix. On top you add the potato, tempeh and nut mixture. It's awesome and really filling.
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