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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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So much for the stability of Marvel NOW. Alonso is eating his own words.
In Way's own words...

  • Issue #11 will be -- for the foreseeable future, at least -- my final issue of the series. As often happens in this business, another project that I'd been shepherding along for several years finally lined up and, knowing that a second opportunity may never come along, I made the tough decision to step away from "Thunderbolts" in order to pursue it.
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"Nova" is getting a new creative team as well, Zeb Wells and Paco Medina will be taking over from Loeb/McGuiness.
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Looks like the Honeymoon is over in the House of Ideas.

As for Nova, in Alex Alonso's words...
  • Believe me, If Jeph could've stayed he would've. But it quickly became clear that writing a monthly -- even one that he loved this much -- wasn't possible. Remember, Jeph is deeply invested in this character -- he and [artist] Ed McGuinness created Sam Alexander, his backstory, everything -- so walking away from “Nova” isn't easy. Which is why he channeled his energy into bugging Steve to get "someone like Zeb Wells" to write the series after he left.
Sounds like business as usual to me. People leave writing assignments all of the time without it being anything like the editorial interference clusterfuck currently going on over at DC. To compare it as such seems a little facetious to me.
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