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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Why do you blame the audience?
Because I've observed them for 18 years since VOY started and know their reactions and complaints, and I know how unfair most of them were since I watched the show and had no such reaction myself.

Well, I guess "saving the Universe" is sufficient motivation, but I have a problem with imperiling the Universe (are you sure it was the entire Universe and not just our galaxy) and then saving it with little more effort than reprogramming some Borg nano probes. The scales of the problem and the resolution don't match.
All it took to save the Federation in BOBW was hitting a computer's "Sleep" mode button.

Returning to the question - why blame the audience?
Because there wasn't nearly as much wrong on the show's end as the critics would have anyone think, so it's partly down to the fans.

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