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Eh, the Amish don't pasteurize their milk as an entire community, so while I think it's weird at best for an outsider it's never really bothered me.
I'm talking about the raw milk movement, not the Amish. The Raw Mild crowd are separate group of brainwashed farmers, and altogether stupider.
Wow... just... wow... I grew up on a farm, drank fresh cows' milk and never knew I was brainwashed and stupid.

I think your narrow-minded rant does much damage to any valid point which may be buried within somewhere, though.
Oh no! You are so offended!

I think you missed the point, perhaps if you read my further post on the subject you will understand that I'm talking about a belief-system based around the inane idea that cooking and pasteurizing one's foods renders them "unnatural" and "unhealthful." The stupidity comes with the huge risk, specifically to pregnant women, of infection from drinking raw milk and eating raw cheese (again, if you digested my later post you'd see that my half-sister continued this behavior while pregnant), and that it is tied to other stupid and dangerous movements like antivax. As for brainwashed -- it's a meaningless and inflammatory term, I admit. But it takes a special amount of stupid to reject the fact that pasteurization is a proven method of reducing pathogens from beverages making them safer to consume.

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