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Re: Bruce Timm steps down as WB Animation Supervising Producer

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Well, I just hope the DC Direct stuff doesn't suffer. Its been pretty good, and with the cancelling of DC's good cartoon (Young Justice) to replace it with stuff of indeterminate quality, the direct line is the best hope for good stuff.
Well, it's worth pointing out that two years ago, Young Justice and Green Lantern were of "indeterminate quality." Granted, with Greg Weisman and Bruce Timm respectively behind them, there was plenty of reason for optimism, but they were still unknown quantities just like every upcoming show is. A few years from now, we may all be huge Beware the Batman fans lamenting that its brilliant run had to come to an end. Or not. It remains to be seen.

I'd hate to see the line take a nosedive in quality because of this, or even just disappear.
No sign that it's going to disappear. James Tucker is taking over, and in the press release is saying they're developing a number of new projects and hoping to branch out beyond just Superman and Batman films again. Tucker was the mind behind Legion of Super Heroes and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and before that was a producer on Justice League/JL Unlimited and a director on Batman Beyond and Static Shock. We'll be seeing his first contribution to the DVD movie line with the next release, Superman: Unbound, which he produced and directed.

And it looks like the rest of the creative team is staying where it is, including Alan Burnett, executive producer Sam Register, voice director Andrea Romano, and writer Bob Goodman (who adapted The Dark Knight Returns and is the writer on Unbound).
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