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Re: New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser!

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I didn't see anyone denying it but just because it was like that in the 1960's doesn't mean it has to be like that today. Compare sexism with racism...none of the "minority races" got as much screen time or were major characters, does that mean modern Trek should be the same?
That's still a false comparison. It's already been pointed out several times (Some of those times where by women, I might add.) that sexy and sexism are not the same thing.

The point here is that Star Trek has always been sexy. It has not always been sexist.
Bingo. A woman can be naked and it wouldn't be sexist (same for a man). What makes it sexist or not is how 1) the character is written, 2) How the actress/actor portrays that character.
I don't think women need men to tell them what they should find sexy or sexist. Star Trek was much more PC with TNG.

With Abrahms (ugh) Uhura stripped down to her granny-like undies in the first trailer for plot purpose what so ever. While I haven't seen the entire film STID ... yet, it looks like it will be the same sexism. Nice to know the feminist movement has influenced cinema in 5 decades. Maybe I wouldn't be so annoyed if I didn't find Alice Eve so irritating.

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