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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

What was the device with which these things were measured?

Ratings or fanmail?

Higer rated episodes for anyone one species would lead for a demand in scripts for that species?

Episodes are "started" from concept MONTHS before ratings come in, it's unlikely that week to week ratings would be able to do much more than prepare a plan of action for the following year/season, by which point the Audience composition might/would have changed entirely.

The producers lived in a bubble.


Other shows that were not as rock solid secure as Voyager, go from concept to last day filming in 2 weeks, or less, so feedback is relevant and useful. It also means that they can be cancelled instantly and the studio doesn't have to burn off worthless episodes that can't generate bank....

I'm trying to recall what order I burnt my Crusade to disk?

By air date or internal linear chronology?
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