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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Which just means that the TNG stories that were derivative of TOS were done well enough that the plot structures and similarities weren't an eyesore.
It was more to do with VOY having a more unpleaseable audience than TNG.

If you say so. I've not watched "Scorpion" in years. How would we tell if the Big Tripedal Aliens were "surprised", though? It's not like they had humanoid faces that could register "surprise" in a way we'd recognize.
Body language, and their eyes.

Perhaps Sisko shouldn't have helped. On the other hand, he had his own reasons for tracking down those renegade Jem'Hadar - they had attacked DS9, so he wasn't doing it for the Dominion. He was working with them for a common goal. Could the same be said of the Tripeds? Janeway didn't have her own vendetta against the Tripeds like Sisko did with the Jem'Hadar renegades.
As far as they knew, they were going to destroy the Universe and had to be dealt with. And they'd likely try and destroy VOY in future encounters.

Insults don't make your case stronger.
Subtlety doesn't seem to work.

Yes, the Borg are boring. They're space zombies with a catchphrase better than "Brains". But maybe the problem was with the VOY writers. If they couldn't develop a species that people liked, maybe it's because they lacked imagination; they'd run the vein dry, and all subsequent efforts would just end up looking derivative. It's a problem that any long-running franchise would face.
No, they had fine aliens (The Vidiians, the Krenim, the Hirogen, the 8472). It's just that the audience weren't in an accepting mood and also the premise meant they couldn't have recurring aliens.
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