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Re: Convention Circuit - Most Favorite Person You've Met?

You know, I think I should mention that the two times I met Brent Spiner, there was nothing negative about either experience. I've heard so much about him in the negative, and I've been put off by his sense of humor at times, but my own two times meeting him? He was fine. Nice enough, personable enough, not grumpy or gruff or foul or any of the other things I've heard him being. He wasn't a stand-out "wow, how awesome!" best of guest, but he also was not the major douche I've heard him described as by oh so many other people. He was just one of the multitude of the majority. Nothing disappointing about him or any of the horror stories I've heard. So I guess in comparison to those tales of woe, I had two good experiences with him as well.

One of the times, he was even responsible for saving the convention attendees a lot of money. He was first in line of him and most of the rest of the TNG cast, and he was charging only $20 for an autograph. Which made the whole rest of the cast unable to charge $30 or whatever else. Which on the day saved me well over $300 or so, and I know saved everyone else scores of cash too, lol. The rest of them where none-to-pleased with him I've heard, lol, but I was quite happy.
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