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Canon vs Novel storylines on

I was just looking at the Star Trek Padd App on my iPhone. It features all of the information that's on the official Star site.

Anyways, I was reading the Spock article and noticed that it gives the year that Spock joined Pike's crew and his rank. I thought these details weren't established in canon and there have been conflicting versions in non-canon. I assumed that the official site would only use canon information. But it looks like that's wrong. Am I mistaken in my conclusion that the official site uses non-canon info for its encyclopedia?

Also if you look up Arex there is a lot of back story given for him and Chekov 's supposed shared history that I don't recall being revealed on screen.

So if the official site is not canon I guess I'll stick to Memory Alpha for my canon reference needs (that is unless someone knows any major problems with their info)

Thanks and have fun,
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