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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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I really don't know how to account for this place always giving me such negative feedback while other outlets seem to be much more civil. My only guess is that this place attracts a certain mentality that I'm obviously not a part of.
With occasional exceptions, I find this board's population to be far more civil than the internet at large.
Sadly, that's true.

Anyway, I agree with Flux. The woman, essentially, changed lanes in an intersection. Where I am doing that is illegal, I've gathered from Flux that that is okay where he is so long as the lane you're going into isn't occupied/about to be occupied.

Which in this case the lane clearly would've been Flux's since he has his signal on and was in the process of turning into his lane when the van changed lanes in the intersection.

Also, Flux had a green light, I assume the van would've then had a "Yield on Green" light, meaning Flux has the right-of-way in this case. Had there been an accident it would have maybe been declared the van's fault. Failure to Yield.

The pedestrians are a non-factor in this case as Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right-of-way no matter what is going on and the van should of yielded to them as well instead of trying to go around them. (The pedestrians also could have shown a degree or two of self-awareness and not entered the intersection when the van was going to turn or walked faster or something.)

I dunno, again, I don't begrudge Flux for posting these videos, do enough commuting in the suburbs little incidences like this can really tick you off. Flux is just unloading a bit by posting and commenting on these videos. A few years ago there used to be someone whose blog I followed who did the same thing (though still photos rather than a dashcam) during his morning commute somewhere around LA. Mostly petty stuff like people not accelerating to get on the highway (leading to a "Test Drive" of the repeat-offender car he saw doing this to ensure it was capable of accelerating to freeway speeds inside of the quarter-mile long ramp) people slowing down to gawk and construction equipment or an accident on the opposite side of the highway or a piece of trash in the shoulder.

Again, mostly petty stuff. Still, entertaining enough, though.
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