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Re: Obesity linked to a gut bacteria

I admit I didn't read the original article. However I already know what it's going to say.

Funny because I just bought myself a Bodymedia Fit sensor, and this thing kicks ass! I know exactly how many calories I'm burning daily now.

The level of good to bad bacteria in your gut simply determines the amount of calories that the body will successfully absorb. If you want to have a healthy gut flora, the first thing you should be doing is supplementing with a good Probiotic. I like using Flora products for this.

Second thing you need to do is to take a teaspoon of Lactulose every other day or so. This actually promotes growth of good bacteria in your colon (Probiotics mostly in your small intestine)

Third thing you should do is supplement with a little bit of good quality fibre. Preferably a fibre that's a mix of different sources, like psyllium and flax seeds, etc.

As for losing weight, you simply need to eat less than you burn. With my new sensor I found that even with 40mins of cardio in the morning, a full day of walking around my office building and lifting small boxes, and a 40 min weight lifting session in the evening, I found that I'm burning 3400 calories a day roughly.

Today being a holiday for me, and pretty much sitting around all day, I still burnt 2800 calories.

Since I've been tracking my calories, you'd be surprised how quickly calories add up. Yesterday I had a breakfast sandwich that is 500 calories. For lunch I had a meal from a Greek place I know here, and that was around 1200 calories. For dinner I had 2 chicken legs with a side salad. That was around 600 calories.

Just on that I reached my calorie limit for the day if I want to burn off 2lbs a week.

Today I couldn't do it. Sitting around at home, bored, I had a piece of cheesecake that was here in the fridge (1000 calories) for breakfast. I had some mini tacos for lunch (700 calories) and I had a chicken breast for dinner with a salad (400 calories)

So I'm still around 700 calories below my baseline, but I'm really tempted to eat another piece of cheesecake lol.

I'm just saying all this because to really lose bodyfat it does take a bit of effort. It's all worth it though, and the only reason I have to lose fat in the first place is because of my injuries that benched me for 3 years.
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