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Re: My TOS Enterprise Build

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The model is fantastic! But, I must comment on the composting... whatever method you are using to isolate the ship from the background is sloppy. The edges are too soft. I don't know what software you are using but if there's some way to use a selection tool of some sort to make the edges sharper before cutting out the ship, that would make all the difference. Looks like you are taking a soft edge brush and are just painting out the background by hand.

But that's the only problem I can see. Elsewise, this looks wonderful!

Thanks for the suggestion Alex! I tried to replicate the look of the Miniature in the episodes, so that is why the Composite appears sloppy. I didn't want an exact sharp cut. I wanted the stills to look like scenes from the original series and not the current crop of all too perfect compositions

Here is another composite I did of my old MPC Millennium Falcon...I totally rebuilt the cockpit and cockpit access tube from scratch as well as a ton of other mods I made...but this composite was done to...again, look like a scene from the original Star Wars.

Thanks again for the advice.
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