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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

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Yikes. Been trying to track down the first trade, which is now out of print apparently,
Diamond still has it in stock, so your local comic shop would be able to order it without any trouble. The item code is JUL120287.
Apparently not. It's on indefinite backorder according to my LCS. Or some other designation they've rarely ever seen from Diamond.
Both volumes were out of stock until this week. Tell your retailer to check the "Back in Stock Spotlight" on the Diamond Retailer Services website.

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This one was really just stultifying? Yikes.
It was one of the dull, talky Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, with the Doctor as the main guest star.
Oy, that's doubly disappointing. I may skip this then. And the first two issues were quite promising, too...[/QUOTE]

There's some chatter that IDW is going to publish the entire story in a single volume for the fall.

I don't know, you may like it. I know people who loved it. I, however, thought it was poorly executed.
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