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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I don't mean to say I don't think they need to be treated better, but Byron's actions are just making them seem like asses. I bet you Sheridan would have done what he could if a large group of telepaths were about to get murdered in an ambush, and he could help them live. Byron didn't even seem to think about telling Sheridan about the trap, until Lyta talked to him. My problem is less with the group in general and more with him. Sure, the telepaths have suffered a lot, and gotten treated unfairly. Repaying that by not helping the few people who don't hate you or want to see you subjugated (and regardless of some trust issues, Sheridan and most of his crew usually treat telepaths a lot better than most people seem to) when all you need to do is send them a note is not helping their cause. The fact that Byron thinks of his race as superior just contributes to him being a very unsympathetic figure himself, regardless of what normal humans do or do not think of telepaths. I'm not saying that telepaths in general aren't treated badly or are unsympathetic. Its just Byron, and to a lesser extent his group. Telepaths deserve better treatment, but acting like byron has been acting does not reflect well on them, to the point where even the general treatment of telepaths isn't a good excuse for him.

Also, as I understood it, aren't they "down below" because of the fact that the Psi Cops would catch them if they were more out in the open? That makes their living conditions something Sheridan can't change, since he can't change what would happen if the Psi Corp found out about a large group of rogue telepaths on the station. Anyway, on to the episodes I just watched.

A view from the Gallery - I wasn't sure how the gimmick of the episode would go (with the whole episode following two maintenance guys) but it turned out really well. The guys were entertaining, and seeing the story from their perspective was cool. Lochley is really annoying. I wish Sheridan had just told her to shut up about the escape pods. The maintenance guys conversation about not knowing what the floor sweeper thing did was funny. Actually, I was wrong. Lochley isn't just annoying, she's a complete b%^&h. "I'm going to tell Sheridan to find someone else". Really? Does she think sheridan will side with her over Garibaldi? I liked the conversation between the maintenance guys about how different things worked, like jump gates. It was interesting to see them go through a fight and end up with the telepaths. Londo/G'kar's talk about their childhoods was good, as was the interactions between Delenn and the maintenance guys. Overall, this was a great episode.

Learning Curve - Lochley is a moron. I don't think I've typed one thing about her that has been positive. If there ever turns out to be anything about her thats not a negative, it will probably be cause for a celebration. Of course she was on Clark's side, and gave the generic stupid explanation. If the whole earth military thought like her, clark would still be president and murdering people/generally acting like a dictator. It was the responsibility of people to fight people like Clark, not just blindly follow the orders, even legal ones, of a man who was obviously doing a lot of evil. I'm thinking now that sheridan just got her appointed to B5 to screw with Garibaldi. It surely wasn't for her intelligence, leadership skills or integrity. The gang lord wasn't very smart. The B5 staff would have ended up stopping him pretty quickly anyway, even if the rangers hadn't gotten involved. I knew the rangers train in a lot of fighting styles, but I didn't know that they took the lessons of batman to heart I hope Garibaldi finds a way to screw with Lochley. After the end of this episode, I'm pretty sure that Lochley/Sheridan used to be in a relationship. Why he'd get his ex-GF, now an idiotic Clark supporter, to run B5 I don't know, but that seems to be what they're implying. Still, overall this was a good episode.
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