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Re: anyone else APPRECIATE chakotay's ethnic bits?

Synthol isn't alcohol. No one really knows what that means, but technically every one who uses a replicator from a replimat or controlled by an authority probably can't replicate Alcohol. I'm assume that in a house on Earth that the parents will tell their kids to crack the programming and turn off the parentinglimitaions on thier "private" replicators so that family can enjoy chocolate and cocaine.

Seriously, you need command rank permission to replicate REAL Chocolate.

TROI: Transfer the letters from my mother to the viewscreen. And, computer, I would like a real chocolate sundae.
COMPUTER: Define real in context, please.
TROI: Real. Not one of your perfectly synthesised, ingeniously enhanced imitations. I would like real chocolate ice cream, real whipped cream
COMPUTER: This unit is programmed to provide sources of acceptable nutritional value. Your request does not fall within current guidelines. Please indicate whether you wish to override the specified programme?
How I remember events is far more colourful than whatever really actually happened.

Although, when the Fuxrish were trying to build a stil in their cargobay of a home, the Fire suppression forcefields tackled it quickly and saved the ship from certain disaster.

I wonder what the jail time is for changing the permissions on a (state owned, they're all communists remember) replicator is?

Chakotay says that he is a vegetarian.

Of course Riker doesn't think of himself as anything but technically a vegetarian, as all his meat is resequenced biomass that he knows was never alive... Although it might have once been human poop?

Maybe a vegetarian in the 24th century is someone who doesn't eat the illusion of meat out of a replicator as well as actual meat?
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