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Re: What about regular showers?

Not [i]Trek[/b], but in Babylon 5 we get this conversation:

Ivanova: "And this will be your quarters. I hope it's satisfactory."

Sheridan: "It's fine, fine. Certainly a lot bigger than what I'm used to. Does this place come with a shower? I mean, a real live honest-to-god shower with running water and everything?"

Ivanova: "Executive suites and command quarters all have showers with live honest-to-god water. The rest get vibe showers. Our water reclamation system can't handle much more than that."
From the dialogue, it seems in the B5 universe, vibe showers don't use water. Though "vibe" does imply vibrations, so maybe they function similar to sonic showers, but somehow use a more pleasing vibration to get the dirt off, but not harm the skin. Of course, in the B5 universe, they don't have replicators, so water reclamation becomes a bigger issue.
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