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Re: ST VI:TUC Out of character for McCoy?

Spock was also trying to find out the other co-conspirators. The location was not the only information he was seeking from Valeris.

People have compared the mind meld to other mind melds in Trek and wondered why this one had the insinuation of rape. Maybe it was not because Valeris is female, but because she is Vulcan and thus capable of trying to resist someone invading her mind. She has the same telepathic abilities as Spock and is trying to fight him all through the scene. It's an extremely powerful scene, made even better when Spock quits the mind meld and his voice shakes when he says "She does not know."

I always prefer to think of Valeris as Saavik, though. That would explain the intense feeling of betrayal Spock seems to have.

I'm not very surprised about Kirk's feelings towards Klingons, either. After all, they just very recently killed his son. The film is very much about old times changing into new times, and old warriors not being able to give up their old grudges.

TUC is still my favorite Trek film.
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