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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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They had to make repairs, that's a given. Did the repairs have to be shipyard perfect? Couldn't they have had some obvious patches occasionally, with some damage showing over the years?
In 1995, no. If they'd done what Berman had wanted and waited until after DS9 and done the show in 2000 or 2001 when CGI tech was cheaper and easier to use? Then, yes.

Because they did - the Maquis renegades, even if they don't have a beef with Starfleet, aren't Starfleet. Putting them into Stafleet uniforms said "Conflict? Tension? What are those? We're one big happy Starfleet family!" That was the abandoned premise that people complained about.
Not getting any support is part of that same premise, and it was just as violated in the pilot by bringing on DQers like Neelix and Kes. As well as going to alien Starbases and trading and stuff.

It's not that TNG did similar stories and no one minded. It's that TNG did them first, and no matter how well VOY did the same things, they weren't doing them first.
TOS did similar stores first as well, and no one minded when TNG did ones later.

But at that point, the 8472 (couldn't a better name have been coined?) were only aware of the Borg.
No, they knew from stolen Borg databases about other life. They were able to create the Starfleet infiltration base from stolen Borg Knowledge they got from them during their war. That means they also knew about other non-Borg species from those same stolen databases and would've known about them in "Scorpion". It's why they weren't surprised to see non-Borg aliens in the first place.

Bah, that was just a worst case scenario for the renegade Jem'Hadar holding an Iconian gateway, not the only outcome, or the most likely. The Dominion would've had a civil war on its hands, but that's a far less epic situation than the threat of extermination of "all life" in a Universe. It's just not the same, Anwar.
Then Sisko shouldn't have helped, just like you say the VOY crew shouldn't have interfered either.

What should've happened was have Q pop up after "Scorpion" and say "You helped save the Universe from utter destruction." Just to make the point so clear any moron would get it.

Besides, in "To the Death", we learn a lot more about Vorta and Jem'Hadar, because they were still new adversaries at that point, just like we learned more about the Borg in "I, Borg" when they were still new and mysterious. But how much more about the Borg did we learn in "Scorpion"? Not much, I'd wager. In the end, you just can't keep mining the same veins for stories endlessly and expect the results to be gold every time.
We learned some things from "Scorpion" and more from Seven later. The problem was the Borg are too boring to really interact with regularly but it wasn't possible for VOY to develop any new aliens because every time they tried (The Kazon, the Vidiians, the Krenim, the Hirogen, etc) the audience hated it because the premise doesn't allow for new aliens to stick around longer than one or two episodes.
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