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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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And everyone always got mad whenever that happened (repairs to the ship), which means they didn't want to the ship to ever be able to do repairs.
You are misunderstanding the complaint. The problem wasn't that the Voyager crew could make repairs, it is that they could make effortless, perfect, and consequence-free repairs. They had to make repairs, that's a given. Did the repairs have to be shipyard perfect? Couldn't they have had some obvious patches occasionally, with some damage showing over the years?

Why do you think the audience keeps complaining about how Voyager abandoned its' premise in the pilot?
Because they did - the Maquis renegades, even if they don't have a beef with Starfleet, aren't Starfleet. Putting them into Stafleet uniforms said "Conflict? Tension? What are those? We're one big happy Starfleet family!" That was the abandoned premise that people complained about.

I DO know that, because TNG did similar things and no one minded. They introduced the Borg, did one big story and a few minor ones and no one cared. VOY introduced various other aliens like the 8472, did one big story and a few minor ones and all it gets are complaints.
It's not that TNG did similar stories and no one minded. It's that TNG did them first, and no matter how well VOY did the same things, they weren't doing them first. Eventually the derivativeness of the stories is just too obvious to forgive, no matter how well the story is told (and I don't think they told them as well as they could have).

All life. Otherwise the one that spoke to Kes wouldn't have said "The Weak shall perish".
But at that point, the 8472 (couldn't a better name have been coined?) were only aware of the Borg. The only "life" they knew of in this Universe was Borg, and it was all "weak" relative to them. I think they were intent on destroying the Borg, and not necessarily "all life".


No, it was made clear that if not stopped the renegade Jem'Hadar would've conquered the entire Dominion in a year and then gone after everyone else. That's why Sisko helped.
Bah, that was just a worst case scenario for the renegade Jem'Hadar holding an Iconian gateway, not the only outcome, or the most likely. The Dominion would've had a civil war on its hands, but that's a far less epic situation than the threat of extermination of "all life" in a Universe. It's just not the same, Anwar.

Besides, in "To the Death", we learn a lot more about Vorta and Jem'Hadar, because they were still new adversaries at that point, just like we learned more about the Borg in "I, Borg" when they were still new and mysterious. But how much more about the Borg did we learn in "Scorpion"? Not much, I'd wager. In the end, you just can't keep mining the same veins for stories endlessly and expect the results to be gold every time.
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