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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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In the wake of Age of Ultron... yet another Avengers book!

'Avengers A.I." will focus on Hank Pym, Vision, Victor Mancha from "Runaways" and others, including the first appearance of the 616's Monica Chang.

It alludes to a larger presense of A. I. on Earth post-AoU, perhaps hinting at that story's "unguessable ending"?

In other news, Daniel Way steps down from "Thunderbolts".
So, how many hours ago was it in Marvel time was it that all the rogue AI on 616 got together in the last volume of Secret Avengers and spent a year our time trying to stamp out humanity.

How can they have this book being put together in the periphery while simultaneously allowing the Human Torch to be murdered so that he can't make the new line up?
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