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Re: anyone else APPRECIATE chakotay's ethnic bits?

I was giving you a bone(, in a respectful way, well "leaning" towards respect.).

It's been a while since I saw the episode, becuase it was awful, but I thought that the aliens taught this imaginary tribe NOT to talk, because they inherited some sort of ant-telepathy or real telepathy from interbreeding with these Aliens.

Then from an evolutionary standpoint because they had a significant tactical advantage over their entire environment, they didn't have to evolve genetically or technologically from that point because they had run into a dead end that some how let them ignore the Eugenics War and World War III.

Besides the rest of the planet has to Thank that immortal hybrid(?) Flint (Leonardo-Da-fricking-Vinchi!)for inventing almost everything, and the Aegis for stopping World War III from starting too early, and probably a host of other guiding hands.

You are not alone.

(Ranting about "The Alien" have a very Lex Luthor lean to it.)

What's your view on the Preservers?

They thought Earth was doomed and then decided that the only people worth saving were the Native Americans? Every other country except Australia and parts of Africa at that point were studded with hopless alcoholics threaded with siphilis, so then who really should they have taken (also/instead)?

The Dutch?

Don't be frakking ridiculous!


TNG Masterpiece Society!

Poor stagnating backward Supermen bastards.

Although, the Fauxrish from Up the long ladder The-Villaged themselves on purpose because they didn't trust their children not to be idiots, overindustrialize and destroy the biosphere on their new Home world like how what Earth had was rotten at the time.


Miss Thrace was dead, but she had a loud, so very loud, louder than she was attractive somehow, Doppleganger rambling around demanding someone invent/build a damn Brewry when the final curtain fell on BSG. I aspologise for not distinguishing between the two chracters.
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