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I remember that, based on Fallen Heroes and his non-Star Trek novel Arthur War Lord, people believed that Dafydd ab Hugh was a pseudonym for Peter David.
Pocket also misspelled Dafydd ab Hugh - as ""Daffyd ab Hugh" - on the three covers of the "Rebels" trilogy, and he once admitted that he didn't notice when he was acknowledging the advance cover slicks.

True story: Many years ago, I signed off on the cover mechanicals for a Damon Knight novel--without noticing that we had forgotten to put the author's name on the book.

Thankfully, I was able to get Knight on the phone before he received the cover flats in the mail!

"It was a mistake! We're going to fix it! And it will never happen again!"

He was actually very good-natured about it . . . .

I once got cover flats for one of my BBC books that had someone else's name on... (Steve Cole, IIRC)
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