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Re: New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser!

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I want to know where all the boobs were at in the 1st movie that people keep complaining about, cause other than Uhura and Gaila in their bras (and that doesn't count) there was a distinct lack of boobs flashing about.

I saw Kirk's boobs, he was topless.
And yes, it counts. And it's an outrage, a slap in the face of True Trek.
Plenty of skin in Gamesters of Triskelion... and Kirk's boobs! I don't know what Trek that Kirk555555555555555 is talking about that is sans skin, but obviously he isn't referring to TOS.

When Trek is at its best, IMO the sci-fi provides the backdrop for a compelling story. Think City on the Edge of Forever. It challenges your prejudices (Let that Be Your Last Battlefield). The same is true for TNG (The Best of Both Worlds, Chain of Command).

But what I've always liked about Trek is it doesn't try to hit those high watermarks all the time. Sometimes it's just pure entertainment (The Trouble with Tribbles). Sometimes it's funny (We watched By Any Other Name last nite and my kids are still walking around the house, mimicking and laughing about Scotty being drunk). Sometimes it's action... and let's be honest, some episodes just don't work at all.

Ok, that got wordy, so I'll sum up by saying that Trek is about creating a relationship with the audience that allows all of these formats to play out at different times.

IMHO, JJ hit all of these elements in '09 and I don't expect that ID will disappoint.
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