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Re: Bruce Timm steps down as WB Animation Supervising Producer

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
This article indicates that Timm wants to work on his own projects, and it looks like the cancellation of "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" sped up his decision to step down.
That's not how I interpret the article. It says:
According to VFKs Edward Gross, Timm had been planning to step down as an overall producer for awhile. Originally his plans were to focus on the then-flagging Green Lantern: The Animated Series but that has since been announced as cancelled.
As I read that passage, it's saying he'd already been planning to step down from the DVD movies in order to focus more fully on GL:TAS. He's still stepping down from the movies as planned, but with GL cancelled, he'll be moving on to original projects instead.

Kai "the spy" wrote: View Post
Thanks for the correction there. The line about him stepping down in order to work on his own projects suggests, though, that any DC-related project by Timm would not be in the immediate future.
With GL gone, and all their other current projects in other people's hands, no, they don't have anything immediately on tap for him. But he could always come back in the future -- or he could do something so kickass as an independent creation, or for Marvel, that we'll end up not minding that he moved on from DC. Or both.

I think it's just that I grew up with the DCAU, and those shows are, I'm pretty sure, as much the reason I prefer DC to Marvel as the comics are, if not more, and therefore the idea of Timm leaving triggered a knee-jerk reaction of loss.
I can certainly understand that. I'm not saying that reaction isn't valid -- I'm just trying to look on the bright side and soften the blow.
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