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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Still, they are only causing trouble at this point. Like magneto, they're not doing a good job in proving the people that hate/fear them wrong, although they're not activly making it worse like Magneto does, atleast not yet. But, as Deconstruction of falling Stars showed, garibaldi will eventually be kidnapped by Telepaths, probably these ones, when its at the point where they are just telepaths, so I have a really hard time having sympathy for them. If they want to be treated better, even among the b5 people who in general are a lot nicer to telepaths than most, they have to meet them halfway. I'm not saying they should have just joined Garibaldi's plan (I can see why they might not like that), but the Drazi info could have been a nice peace offering, to show they could work together. Instead, Byron would have let the whole White star fleet die because he's an ass. Standing aside and letting innocent people die when you can prevent it, especially as easily as he could have, is evil, plain and simple. If he has no problems with doing that, he really shouldn't pretend like his group deserves better, when he doesn't treat non telepaths any better than they treat him, when given the opportunity.
So they should be grateful that they're being allowed to eek out an existence in what is essentially a slum and do exactly what they're told, when they're told and expect nothing in return? It's not like they've been given even low-rent quarters or a communal habitation. Downbelow is basically a utility area near the outer hull where all the sewage processing and the like is routed.

It's analogous to saying that an escaped slave circa mid-1800's America is being uppity because they don't appreciate that the kind farmer is allowing them the honour of spending the night in the pig pen.

Are they being an inconvenience? Yeah, of course they are. They want better treatment and last I checked, no oppressed minority EVER got better treatment by being quiet and thankful for the meagre crumbs their betters deign to tip on the floor for them.

Would women have gotten the vote if the suffragettes had stayed at home and stopped being such a nuisance? Should the abolitionists have kept quiet and just waited for the plantation owners to spontaneously free the slaves on their own? What do you think?

Also remember that some of these people would have been the very same telepaths that Sheridan recruited into the Army of Light to jam Shadow Vessels and protect League ships. They're not just random drifters asking for a free meal, they're war heroes looking for a home of their own. Somewhere where they can live in peace, free of arranged marriages, enforced impregnation, medical experiments, the re-education camps, the living death that is life on the sleepers and the constant state of fear and paranoia that is life in the Corps.
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