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Re: Warp Drive/Physics based question.

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Depending on what version of warp drive you subscribe to, the ship isn't moving through normal space at all.
Okay, let's assume I subscribe to the "Warp speed is just something going really, really fast through normal space and the deflector shields are the only thing stopping it from being destroyed" theory.
The only thing is that it's impossible for a ship to travel through normal space at the speed of light. Warp drive is the cheat that allows a ship to bypass the ultimate speed limit through other means. When I referred to "what version of warp drive you subscribe to," I meant those other means.

Here's a few of them that have been tossed around:
  • The ship isn't moving, but the space around it is.
  • The ship is traveling through a parallel dimension or subspace.
There are other ideas, but they mostly involve the ship never actually moving at the speed-of-light at any given time. As such, the navigational deflector is mostly used for sublight travel.
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