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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Like I said, no way to repair any damages done to the ship. If the audience was willing to accept that they could repair the ship, then they wouldn't have gotten made whenever they DID repair the ship's damage.
What? When was "no repairs ever" a premise of the show? Clearly repairs were made between episodes, as evidenced by the nearly complete destruction of the Bridge in "Deadlock". So I don't know what you're talking about, and suspect you don't either.

The premise says "No Support", not "No Starfleet" support. To hold to that means never getting help from anyone. And it seems you're an exception to the standard, because otherwise most either dislike the episodes where they go to alien stations for help, or just don't care.
Again, clearly that wasn't the premise, since the pilot episode itself had Neelix and Kes offer support, and they're definitely not Starfleet. Not to mention the other episodes where the stop at alien space stations for resupply.

They were in Borg central, might as well tell a Borg story. And prove once and for all that the Borg were nowhere NEAR the number one Galactic Threat. They are, and always were, just one tough alien species. Not the toughest by far. Just one among many. And we finally saw another one.
But the Species 8472 aliens weren't unstoppable for Janeway and her crew, so why not let the badass aliens take out the Borg, then Janeway can stop the badass aliens.

Nevermind if TNG introduced the 8472 aliens no one would've minded.
You don't know that, you're just feeling persecuted.

As of that episode, the 8472 were out to annihilate all life in our Universe and had the power to do so. The Borg don't have the power to assimilate even one Galactic Quadrant (otherwise they'd have done so) and thus were the lesser threat. Once they were done with the Borg, the 8472 would go after everyone else.
Were they out to destroy all life in our Universe, or were they just intent on killing all Borg? Until Janeway and company stumbled into the fight, did the big badass aliens even know there was more than one species in this Universe? They were the only ones in theirs, and would easily assume that the Borg was the only one species here. It didn't help, then, that the only other species 8472 encountered here also sided against them.

And this is another example of the double standard. DS9 did an episode where Sisko teamed up with the Jem'Hadar to stop the Dominion from being taken over by renegade Jem'Hadar, yet everyone liked that episode.
Ah, but in that episode, no one is blowing up planets. The scale is quite different - the characters are working together against a common enemy (same premise), but there's more character interactions and the scale of jeopardy is different. I think scale is important - jeopardize the whole Universe, and you have an epic tale on your hands that needs to be handled right. Jeopardize just your main character, though...well, that's not necessarily epic, and doesn't have to meet the same standards.
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