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Re: Is the NX 01 one of the better ships (aesthetically)?

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I dunno, maybe digging through four seasons of "Enterprise" to find a bit of dialogue to repost verbatim ac litteratim?
On the contrary. I remembered the exchange off the top of my head, and just needed to Google "beauty" to find the exact quote, then copy and paste. Very simple. I watched Enterprise clear through twice last year as research for my upcoming novel Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures.

And, once again, considering the clearly disproportionate level of voracity you're devoting to a minor musing that was beside the main point being discussed is fascinating to me. It also frames your responses as being dangerously close to "ad hominum" territory. Again, interesting.
I'm totally bewildered that you see it that way. I was just making a comment that I thought would be cute, as part of what I thought was a friendly, casual conversation. Your reaction has been inexplicably defensive to the point of paranoia. I'm just going to walk away now.
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