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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

When the hell did I "plow ahead" in that video? I practically came to a complete stop as she turned into my lane. She was the one trying to occupy my lane, not vice versa. That's why I honked...letting her know she was cutting me off and letting her know I was there. I'm not sure how she missed a bright blue car trying to make a legal turn but who knows. I've rewatched it myself and I don't know where you're all seeing aggressive behavior on my part. I slowed down before the turn, so I don't know where you're seeing me speed up. I didn't force anything for sake of the camera so you're dead wrong there.

I'm a really a big fan of Justified and liked that quote a lot. I don't thinking applies to me because not all of the people I encounter are necessarily "assholes" per se...just bad drivers, at least in that particular moment.

I really don't know how to account for this place always giving me such negative feedback while other outlets seem to be much more civil. My only guess is that this place attracts a certain mentality that I'm obviously not a part of. Like I said earlier, I should just realize I'm pretty much incompatible with 90% of the board's population and stop expecting us to agree on anything.
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