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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

I don't mean that "Year of Hell"-levels of damage should've been expected every episode, just that damage from the previous episode should have remained a background concern for the subsequent episode. Unfortunately, that would mean VOY couldn't be as episodic as the producers wanted, since damage on the ship model would mean the stock footage of a clean Voyager wouldn't be usable.

And no support from Starfleet doesn't mean no support from anyone. I liked the episodes when Voyager had to stop at alien space stations to negotiate for supplies; more such episodes would have been welcome.

As for the Species 8472-Borg conflict, well, what was the point of the episode? Janeway sided with the devil she knew. Why? The Borg were getting their asses handed to them, so why not let the Borg get destroyed? Why side with them against Species 8472? I just didn't see the advantage in saving the Borg from an enemy that was well on its way to eradicating them.
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