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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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John Ross had that title in the bag five minutes in to the season premiere. If you're going to make sexist, hateful comments like that, make sure it goes both ways.

Fine. We'll say it's like Mr. and Ms. Olympia. Men's and Women's division title.
How many women has John Ross been with since the series began? Let's see:

-Elena, who he cheated on with
-Marta Del Sol, the bipolar girl with the secret identity
-the girl in the season premiere (who he was using so he could get leverage on her dad),
-Pamela, his cousin's soon-to-be ex-wife,
-Annie Wersching's character (who he was only using to get dirt on) and finally
-Emma, who he hooked up with right after his father's death.

... am I missing anyone? All of this with no comment or judgment from you.

Then here comes along Emma. The aforementioned fling with John Ross, and then Drew.

And that's it.

Yet, she somehow now qualifies -whether jokingly or not- to be deemed the "Southfork Slut" by you.

The the only thing more outrageous about that post/opinion than how offensive that is would be the inherent, sexist hypocrisy it is demonstrating.

Elaborate for me why it's ok to call a woman a slut because she becomes involved with two men, yet a character like John Ross (or J.R. even) can go around and hop in to bed with anything that moves and yet not be criticized for it?
I criticize John Ross on practically everything else and you jump to his defense, but this time I agree with you and you want to start a fight because I didn't go far enough for your tastes?

and :facepalm:

I'm done. I've got better things to do in life than raise my blood pressure arguing with you over a soap opera.
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