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Re: ST VI:TUC Out of character for McCoy?

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Never before in Trek history did someone react that way to a Vulcan mind meld, so agaiin it was hard not to miss Nicholas Meyer/Leonard Nimoy's rape allegory.
Unless you're with Writers Guild West and/or have seen all versions of the scripts, I don't think you can necessarily accuse only two specific writers. The writing credits were determined by the Guild through arbitration; Meyer shared screenwriting credit with Denny Martin Flinn, and Nimoy shared story credit with Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal.
Meyer was the director and Nimoy played the character, a character he knew better then anyone and he did contribute to the story. Those two guys could have altered that scene if they wanted to, no matter who wrote it. What's your point other then taking a useless shot at me?
Also, Konner/Rosenthal apparently played the WGA game even better than the first two guys on TVH ... Nimoy's account is that they just turned in all his notes as their work. They DID have one good idea, kind of taken from ULYSSES I think, but none of that is in the movie. Also I think they were big on making the prison stuff include Klingons we already knew, which could have been great. But again, not reflected in final product at all.

That scene is Meyer/Flinn with a heavy dose of Nimoy.
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