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Re: Bruce Timm steps down as WB Animation Supervising Producer

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This means Timm won't be working on any future DC Animation, right?!
No, it doesn't necessarily mean that. He could come back to direct the occasional project for them, or executive-produce another TV series like Green Lantern. He just won't be the guy in charge of the direct-to-video movie line. The CBR headline is misleading. He wasn't the "WB Animation Supervising Producer," he was a supervising producer working for WB Animation, specifically as the supervising producer of the DVD movies, and alongside that as the executive producer of Green Lantern: TAS -- but not Young Justice or other DC television projects. So this doesn't mean he's severed all ties with WB or DC. It just means that he's turning the reins of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies DVD series over to James Tucker.
Thanks for the correction there. The line about him stepping down in order to work on his own projects suggests, though, that any DC-related project by Timm would not be in the immediate future.

It also means that, as the press release says, he'll be working on his own projects. And I find that intriguing. Timm has become famous reinterpreting characters created and owned by other people. That seems like it might be holding him back. I'd be intrigued to see him do something that was entirely his own creation.
Well, that's true. I think it's just that I grew up with the DCAU, and those shows are, I'm pretty sure, as much the reason I prefer DC to Marvel as the comics are, if not more, and therefore the idea of Timm leaving triggered a knee-jerk reaction of loss.

But Timm giving up the reigns of DC Animation (even if he only was the supervisor of the movies) feels a bit like I imagine it felt back when Stan Lee gave up the creative control over Marvel Comics. Sure, there were other people like Alan Burnett, Paul Dini or Rich Fogel, but Timm kind of was the face of it all, the connection, like Stan Lee was with Kirby, Ditko, Roy Thomas, etc..

Not to mention that this could open the door for Marvel hiring him to produce something for them. I've seen Timm sketches of various Marvel characters, and we know he loves Jack Kirby's work, so it's possible he'd be interested in trying his hand at a screen adaptation of the other guys' stuff for a change.
Yes, an intriguing thought.
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