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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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I've never heard any complaints like that. The only complaint I have about the "Year of Hell" two-parter was that the entire series should've been similar to those episodes.
Whoever says that is a dummy. There's no way they'd ever be able to repair the ship after that kind of beating, nor could they ever replace the lost crew (whom they couldn't survive without, for long) meaning the show would be over if they did a story like that.

The premise says they'll have "no support", which means they never get help from anyone or ever be able to barter for repairs or supplies or anything. To hold to that premise, that means "Year of Hell" would be the end.

Never heard that complaint either.
You're lucky. All I get is how showing Voyager winning against a Borg ship (ANY Borg ship) ruined them. And that includes the Probe ship in "Dark Frontier".

Again, I've not heard those complaints, but I think the episodes proved that Voyager would've been better off avoiding both parties and not siding with either.
Which is another example of the unfairness. If they do nothing then the audience would denounce them all as cowards or ineffective morons who should've done something.

Basically, I don't think the complaints you've heard are because of the plots used, but the execution of those plots. Sometimes VOY didn't do the same plots as well as other shows did.
I watched all those shows, I don't see any major problems in the execution. Except that the audience was always hoping for the entire crew to be killed off and the ship to be destroyed every single time.
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