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Re: anyone else APPRECIATE chakotay's ethnic bits?

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Teya, you might not want to watch the final episodes Battlestar Galactica... Or maybe you would? They level the playing field, affirming that no one on Earth from it's centre to fartherest corners could "speak" until Giaus Balter started swinging his dick around with the native aboriginal girls and Starbuck declared her poonanny open season for any caveman brave enough to by ticket.
I did. Actually, the end result was that we humans are all descended from Athena & Helo's daughter--that Hera was mitochondrial Eve.

The difference is, of course, that BSG posits that *all* humans are descended from this Cylon-Human hybrid & a human on our Earth.

Voyager posits that other humans were smart enough to figure out how to speak on their own, it's just the Indians who were such dolts they needed the alien DNA.

In BSG-land, you and I can trace our ancestry back to Hera.

In Voyager-land, you come from smart humans, I come from idiots.

See the difference?

And BTW, Starbuck was dead by then...
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