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Re: anyone else APPRECIATE chakotay's ethnic bits?

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Anyone Else Appreciate Chakotay's ethnic/spiritual aspects.

his vision quest's his legends, etc.
I would assume that actual Native Americans feel the same way about that as African Americans would feel about showing Geordie replicating fried chicken and watermelon and then calling it the "food of his ancestors".

Stereotypes of any kind are bad, but especially if they are not based in much fact.
What about Samurai in movies shwon practicing customs not invented till the Tokugawa shogunate (which was an uninterrupted Era of Peace) during a time of battle?

is that bad?

dont forget the infamous platemail only got developed in the height of Medieval technolagy less then a century, before being superceded by Crossbows, and Firearms

But in general we wont be too angry at a little anachronism

What you describe fits well within acceptable historical artistic license.

Chakotay was conceptual blackface.
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