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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I think it's pretty obvious that most of the 27 deaths will be Woodbury's people, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of those are the recurring characters we've been seeing throughout the season, like the guy Daryl was talking during during their little meeting. As for the prison group, I noticed that Scott Wilson and Emily Kinney are still just credited as guest stars, so at this point I'm thinking Beth and/or Hershel wil die or we'll they'll survive and become regulars next season. I don't really see them killing anyone else off at this point. Daryl and Rick have already had people close to them getting killed so I don't see Carl or Carol dying, and I really think the Glenn/Maggie relationship is too new to end already. Plus if they do kill Hershel or Beth the we'll need Maggie around to be shocked and then mourn them. I could see them killing off The Governor if this is the end of the Woodbury storyline, but if it isn't he's pretty much guaranteed to survive. Same goes for Andrea, I think there's still a lot of story potential either in Woodbury or during the aftermath of the conflict. I could see Milton finally truly turning on The Governor and getting killed in the process.
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