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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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I did have the right of way, as when I turn on my green light I am supposed to turn into the rightmost lane...and I did.
She was there first. Trying to occupy the space she was occupying at the same time she was occupying it was impossible, so why were you attempting it?
Yeah. Whenever I see this kind of thing happening on the road, I like to call it a math problem.

So, based on responses in this thread, and consulting with a coworker, it seems that indeed the person turning right WOULD have the right of way. Despite arriving in the intersection first, the van should have waited for opposite direction traffic to clear (so even though Flux hadn't reached the intersection yet, the van should still have waited). So, granted.

But I have to agree with Squiggy on the issue of who fucked up: both of you. Yes, she should have waited for you; no, you shouldn't have just plowed ahead, beginning to turn right when she was there, and then honked your horn. The bigger mistake was made by the van driver, but still. It goes back to the third point in my other post, as well, which was summed up by Locutus and Squig: regardless of who was "in the right" or not, the most important thing is safety and not making an existing situation worse. Pulling out into the lane when the van is already doing something stupid and having to go around the peds, and then honking your horn, doesn't strike me as a safe driving practice.

And she really did not almost hit them. She was also driving pretty slowly. The peds were completely unconcerned. You say the video doesn't do "proper justice" to the distances, but it looks pretty clear to me. Besides which, all we have to go on is the video. You put it up to say "look at this crazy thing this person did", but if the video shows nothing all that crazy happening, than what are we to take away from it?

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